First Training Course Finalised For Delivery

After a busy summer of preparatory activity by the consortium team we are now at the finalisation stage for our first training input, Module 1, before deliveries commence in country during October and November 2017.

Project 54 aims to deliver a 'train the trainers' course to appointed trainees identified by each partner country's national focal points, These 'qualified' trainers will then be equipped to be the future teachers of

the CBRN curriculum. Our training programme will be take place in the appointed national training centre and will cover the main CBRN hazards, using the all-hazards approach. It will focus on the medical support from point of exposure through to hospital care.

Our course will provide advanced specialised training on urgent medical assistance in CBRN disaster situations for the future trainers of first and second line medical responders in partner countries. The course will be delivered in two modules, each of 5 days duration. The first 5-day module will provide an introduction and overview to CBRN incidents. The second 5-day module will focus on the practical management of casualties and application of specialised medical assistance in CBRN incidents.

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