• Adi Kingswell

[مقابلة عربية] CBRN CoE Project 54 - Interview with the Director of Al Zarqa Hospital.

CBRN CoE Project 54 is aimed at enhancing medical preparedness and response to CBRN incidents. During December 2019, Jordanian CBRN trainers, who had been trained

by Project 54 specialists, delivered a training course to Ministry of Health staff an Civil Defence operatives. The training took place at the CBRN dedicated facilities provided at El Zarqa New Governmental Hospital. During the training the Director of Al Zarqa Hospital, Dr Abdul Razzak Al-Khoshman agreed to be interviewed to express his gratitude to those involved in Project 54 and to highlight the challenges Lebanon face in this regard. Dr Al-Khoshman is also the Director at Al Bashir and Fasail hospitals and is a Consultant of internal medicine.


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