Enhancing medical preparedness and medical emergency response to CBRN incidents in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon
Project Description
The overall objective of Project 54 is to enhance the systems in place within the Middle Eastern region for medical preparedness and medical emergency response to CBRN incidents.
It is essential that Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon build on their resources to respond and mitigate the consequences of a CBRN incident and following emergency situation.
Among different responders, the health service must insure that that appropriate safety measures are being taken and health care measures are being provided by emergency departments, ambulance services and other providers to save lives, guard the health and safety, and assist to treat potentially large numbers of contaminated casualties. Rapid response is essential in order to limit damage.
The purpose of the project is to:
  • Provide internationally recognised training programmes
  • Establish policy, protocols and guidelines
  • Conduct exercises across the region
  • Training for responders
  • Sharing of good practice.

COVID-19 Impact

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that planned activities during the extension period have been temporarily postponed until such times as travel restrictions have been lifted and access to key health agencies and organisations, such as the WHO, DTRA, CDC et al, have been established.


Project Extension Granted

The success of Project 54 has been formally recognised by DG DEVCO as part of a project extension decision.. Following an application to extend the project on the grounds of Sustainability, Visibility and Accreditation, the project team are now planning to seek international recognition and endorsement for the four modules of training that has been delivered. In addition the project team will re visit each partner country and individuals who have benefited from participation in the project, to capture their accounts of personal development, organisational progression and the benefits realised from Project 54 interventions.

Final Exercise Conducted at AUMBC

The American University of Beirut Medical Centre (AUMBC) provided the location for a simulation exercise where project specialists were able to observe the individuals they had trained, training delegates. Following successful train the trainer deliveries earlier in the year, the simulation exercise provided an ideal environment to observe partner country trainers deliver  the learning.

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